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Disney Channel original cartoon series are definitely first-rate: not only their animation, but also their plots and characters are amazing. Besides, all these series, in a way, teach children a moral, which makes them really valuable. So, for you to know them better, here you are a detailed account of their plots and characters.

Kim Possible

Released in 2002 and still on the air, “Kim Possible” is one of the most successful Disney Channel cartoon series –it has been awarded different prizes for the quality of its short dialogues, its well-groomed animation, and its excellent characterization of heroes and villains. In 2006, thanks to the unconditional support of its fans, Disney Channel’s authorities (contradicting their own no-more-than-65-episodes policy) agreed that “Kim Possible” should continue.

Kim Possible is an average high school girl whose main pastime is keep the world safe from crime. She and her sidekick Ron fight against evil with the help of Rufus, Ron’s naked mole rat. In addition to saving the world, Kim and Ron must find time to do their homework.

Kimberley “Kim” Possible: the series having been named after her, this skillful kung fu fighter is the main character in it. At school she’s such a good student and she holds the cheerleading captain’s position, so she is very popular. Her motto –check her surname– is “I can do anything”. She used to be a babysitter, but then she became a secret agent. She’s stubborn and sometimes she feels bad and can’t stand the pressure. Her best friend is Ron, a kind but clumsy boy with whom she is having a romance. Her bitter enemy, on the other hand, is Dr. Drakken, a mad scientist. Although her mission (to save the world) is no secret at all, people treat her like an ordinary girl –what she really is, after all.

Ronald “Ron” Stoppable: he and Kim are best friends; they form the Team Possible and struggle against evil. He’s kind, smart and easy-going, and he’s always in a good mood –the perfect complement to Kim. On the other hand, he’s a bit fearful, and he puts up a poor fight. However, he’s quite good at distracting enemies, and he sometimes solves difficult situations out of his clumsiness. Being a good cook, he once had his own restaurant. Ron has liked many girls, but he finally chooses Kim.

Rufus: Ron’s ill-speaking beloved pet. It is a naked mole rat whose personality is rather similar to that of its master. Rufus is always in the right place at the right time to keep Kim and Ron out of trouble.

Wade Load: Web master Wade is Kim’s gadget guy –he and Kim get in touch by means of a special transmitter: the Kimmunicator– and also the operator of her website. This young genius does nothing except operate his computer and drink soda.

Kim’s friends and relatives: Monique is a good friend of Kim who’s always ready to give our heroine wise guidance. / Bonnie Rockwaller is Kim’s rival at school. She is a cheerleader too, but, unlike Kim, she’s a hateful and annoying person. Deep inside, Bonnie admires and envies her. / Kim’s mum is a neurosurgeon who’s willing to help her daughter whenever she needs her. / Kim’s dad (Dr. James Timothy Possible) is a rocket scientific. Like his daughter, he also believes that “a Possible can do anything”. / Kim’s brothers (Tim and Jim Possible) are very intelligent and inventive, but also a little fastidious.

Dr. Drakken: Kim’s bitter enemy. He is a mad scientist who wants to rule the world. His real name is Drew Lipsky. He and Kim’s father used to be friends (they were schoolmates), but then Dr. Possible’s annoying behavior to him made a mean person of him. Drakken set up his own organization to conquer the world in the past, but some financial difficulties meant that only he and his loyal assistant Shego remain nowadays. Among his inventions there are the killing robot claws and the big lasers –though sometimes he has to steal someone else’s ideas, as his, mostly, are useless–. When fighting, he shows great endurance, but he doesn’t like body contact. Although a villain, he has a sensitive side: he is in love with Shego, and helps Kim and Ron express their feelings.

Shego: Drakken’s machiavellian assistant and Kim’s worst enemy. Like Kim, Shego masters the art of kung fu. Besides, she has gloves that shoot green plasma. Even when she is about 20, she can be really whimsical and she will get angry at anything. Before joining Drakken, she was a heroine; however, bitterly disappointed with her family as she was, she became a villain. She has such a commanding temper that she can hurt Drakken’s feelings sometimes. In spite of this, they are in with each other.

Monkey Fist: this villain is truly exotic. He is a master of “Tai Shing Pek Kuar” (monkey kung fu) and has gone through surgery in both his hands and feet so he resembles a monkey.

Other villains: Sr. Senior is a multimillionaire villain who has nothing to do with his time. He is halfway between funny and dangerous. Sr. Senior, Jr. (his son), is rather foolish and egotistical but not badly intentioned, so his father’s attempts to turn him into a villain are all in vane. / DNAmy is a wicked geneticist and animal fan who likes to produce mutants, as it is the case with Monkey Fist. / Duff Killigan is a Scottish-looking villain armed with... exploding golf balls!

Lilo & Stitch: the series

Based on the movie of the same name, Lilo & Stitch was released in 2003. The series’ plot is essentially the same as that of the movie: Lilo is this Hawaiian girl that lives alone with her big sister (Nani) because they are orphans. Stitch, a.k.a. Experiment 626, is this mischievous alien with special powers that is pursued by the agents of the Galactic Federation. Lilo and Nani are his only family on Earth, and they love him so much that they even accept his continuous misbehavior.

Lilo Pelekai: this affectionate little girl born in Hawaii does love her sister Nani and Stitch, her odd pet, but she finds it hard to make new friends because she has strange ways. Ah, she idolizes Elvis!

Stitch: he was illegally created by Jumba, a mad scientist that carries out genetic experiments. Although he seems inoffensive, he is very powerful and can be really troublesome and destructive. However, he is well-intentioned, and all he wants is a family. Experiment 626 escapes from the planet Turo at the wheel of a stolen spaceship. He ends up in the Earth, where he meets Lilo, who names him “Stitch” and gives him shelter from the agents of the Galactic Federation, who want to take him to a faraway asteroid. Stitch can’t tell good from bad, but Lilo, with all her love and affection, will try to educate him.

Nani Pelekai: Lilo’s elder sister. She’s 19 and she has a baby. She is responsible for her younger sister but, as there’s this social worker controlling her, she must watch what she does. Things get harder when, in addition to looking after Lilo and her own baby, she has to find a job.

Cobra Bubbles: he is in charge of overseeing Nani’s work as the caretaker of Lilo. He is a hefty, mysterious-looking man who, being patient and tenacious, finds the way to deal with Lilo’s strange personality.

David Kawena: this clever and athletic 23-year-old surfer boy used to be Nani’s boyfriend, but now they’re just good friends. He’s always in a happy mood.

Grand Councilwoman: being such an important member of the Grand Council, she has the duty to keep the peace within the other leaders of the Galactic Federation. She’s intelligent, but also cold and calculating. It is she who orders that Stitch be captured.

Jumba Jookiba: he is a mad scientist. As a result of one of his illegal genetic experiments, he creates Stitch, which earned him imprisonment by the Galactic Federation. They set him free only on condition that he brings Experiment 626 (Stitch) back from Earth.

Pleakley: this peculiar three-legged creature with one large eye in the middle of his face is the only alien that knows how earthlings are –he has been here before–. Consequently, he is sent to Earth as Jumba’s mission partner to find Stitch.

American Dragon: Jake Long

Released in 2005 and still on the air. As its title suggests, the story is about Jake Long, a NY kid who is also a dragon, a title inherited from his grandfather and personal instructor. His mission is to protect the magical creatures living in the city from the Huntsmen. However, he falls for Rose, a trainee Huntsgirl who goes to the same school as him. Haley, Jake’s little sister, is also a dragon. In spite of his magical powers, Jake is an average schoolboy who likes skating with his friends.

Jacob “Jake” Long: there’s nothing special about this 13-year-old schoolboy –except, of course, the dragon thing. By making use of his powers, Jake has to prevent the magical creatures living in New York from falling into the clutches of the Huntsmen. He trains really hard to be the first American Dragon but, whenever he’s free, he enjoys skating with Trixie and Sput, his two closest friends.

Luong Lao Shi: Jake’s grandpa and instructor. He is a Chinese Dragon coming from a long-lived dynasty, and he has the mission to train Jake so he becomes the first American Dragon (his name means “professor” in Mandarin Chinese). Lao has a pet: Fu Dog, a 600-year-old dog of Shar Pei pedigree able to use his fore legs and walk like a human. Fu Dog also knows how to prepare magical potions, and he always keeps an eye on Jake.

Haley Long: Jake’s 7-year-old little sister. Like him, she’s also a dragon. She’s very smart and capable.

Rose: she is a member of the Huntsclan and, as such, she has to find and capture the dragons hidden in the city. She and Jake –who’s madly in love with her– are schoolmates. Even when they both know each other’s real identities, they get on well and she helps him escape rather than give him away.

Huntsman: he is the leader of the Huntsmen and therefore Jake’s bitter enemy. Called “Master” by his subordinates, he is a real danger not only for the dragons but also for all the other magical inhabitants of the city.

The Emperor’s New School

Released in 2006, it is the sequel of the movie The Emperor’s New Groove. The story goes that Kuzco, an Inca emperor belonging to an ancient pre-Columbian civilization, is removed from its position out of his laziness. Worse still, he won’t be head of empire again until he finishes school. So he starts attending the Kuzco Academy, only he’s rather idle and he takes things easy.

During his school days, Kuzco stays at Pacha and Chicha’s humble shack, where he is welcomed with open arms. They will also help him regain his emperorship. Kuzco is deeply in love with his smart, beautiful classmate Malina, although she always turns him down. His #1 enemy is Headmistress Amzy, a.k.a. Yzma, a wicked adviser of the empire who, wanting to become empress, does all she can so that he fails every single subject. Kuzco’s best friend, Kronk, is not any student... he’s the headmistress’ assistant! But he is so absent-minded that he doesn’t even notice who she really is.

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