Would you like to know more about the most famous TV series in the world? Stick to this Web page, in which you will find a synthesis of each of the main Disney Channel shows, together with descriptions of their plots and most popular characters.

All these series are productions of high quality with excellent plots lasting less than half an hour, which explains their worldwide success. They deal with the main concerns and interests of children and adolescents, such as the school, the family, society, nature, and, of course, love. Consequently, young audiences around the world identify with their characters. Don’t you know these series yet? Do you wish to learn more about them? Let’s go into the fascinating world of Disney Channel!

That’s So Raven

Being one of the most successful comedies for youngsters nowadays, it is a key program for Disney Channel. Originally created by the US department of the channel, this series tells the personal experiences of Raven Baxter, a young girl with supernatural psychic powers who, with the help from her close friends Chelsea and Eddie, must face different situations owing to her particular skill. As she can foresee the future, she tries to keep things calm –some times with better luck than others.

After an encouraging debut in 2003, Disney Channel authorized the making of 100 episodes of “That’s So Raven” –even when the maximum fixed to not grow people tired is of 65– due to its resounding success. Needless to say, it is one of the series leading the prime time of the channel.

Main characters:

Raven Lydia Baxter (played by Raven-Symone): this teenaged girl with psychic powers can predict the future, which will lead her to experience unusual situations while trying to prevent bad things from happening. She wants to become a fashion designer; actually in the fourth season she gets a job with a great star of fashion design, Donna Cabonna. Her two closest friends are Eddie Thomas and Chelsea Daniels, who will often get involved in the events related to Raven’s visions. Every time she has a vision, her eyes turn white –that’s how spectators know what is happening–. She loves her friends and her parents, and, although she sometimes bothers him, she loves her younger brother Cory, too. As to boyfriends, Raven had one (Devon Carter), but he moved to Seattle. After that, she tried to date her big friend Eddie, but then both agreed to remain good friends.

Edward “Eddie” Thomas (played by Orlando Brown): Raven and Chelsea’s best friend. He is in the school basketball team, and he’d like to be a hip-hop star. His parents are divorced; he lived with his mother and his little brother. He had two girlfriends (Chantel and Crystal), and he kisses Raven in one episode. However, they continue to be just friends.

Chelsea Ophelia Daniels (played by Anneliese Van der Pol): Raven and Eddie’s best friend. She doesn’t seem to be very sharp, but she always comes up with clever statements. She is a vegetarian and is concerned about animals. Like Raven, she has had some boyfriends, but they both place their friendship before anything else.

Cory Baxter (played by Kyle Massey): Raven’s younger brother. He is good at saving money, and he can speak Spanish and Japanese. When his father starts working as a chef for the President of the USA, Cory moves with him to the White House. It is from this situation that the plot of “Cory in the House” derives.

Victor Baxter (played by Rondell Sheridan): Raven and Cory’s father. He used to own a restaurant, but then he decides to move to Washington so he becomes the official cook of the White House.

Tanya Baxter (played by TKeyah Cristal Keymah): Raven and Cory’s mother and Victor’s wife. Her mother Vivian has –like Raven– psychic powers, which she herself didn’t inherit. She was an English teacher, and now she wants to follow the legal profession. She is a great mum, loving and always willing to give advice, but strict if necessary.

Cory in the House

It derives from “That’s So Raven”, and the main characters are Cory and Victor Baxter, his father. They move to Washington, as the latter is going to be the new personal chef of the American President. In the meantime, Raven is going to a university, and her mother, Tanya, is studying law in England. Cory’s new friends are Newton “Newt” Livingston (played by Jason Dolley), the son of a renowned politician, and Meena Parroom (played by Maiara Walsh), the daughter of an ambassador. Another important character in the series is Sophie Martinez (played by Madison Pettis), the President’s little daughter.


Hanna Montana

Released in 2006, this series is all the rage now –it’s the audience’s favorite, in fact. The story is based on the double life of Miley Stewart, a 14-year-old girl who, on the one hand, leads a normal life (family, friends, school), but on the other hand disguises herself and becomes the famous pop singer Hanna Montana.

Miley lives with her father Robby and her brother Jackson (her mother died when she was 10) in Malibu, California. Her big secret is only known by her father –musical producer, her manager–, her brother and her close friends Oliver and Lilly. No-one else recognizes Miley when she is Hanna, since, on stage, she wears a blond wig, lots of make-up and spectacular clothes. When she is not Hanna, however, Miley goes through the typical conflicts of any girl of her age.

Main characters:

Miley Stewart / Hanna Montana (played by Miley Cyrus): Miley, this apparently ordinary 14-year-old girl, keeps a big secret: she is the pop idol Hanna Montana. As much as Oliver and Lilly are her best friends, Amber and Ashley, the most popular girls at school, are her rivals. Miley is in love with Jake Ryan, a young actor who attends the same school as her. He is in love with her, too.

Lilly Truscott (played by Emily Osment): Miley’s best girl friend. She has a good sense of humor, and she’s a bit naive. When Miley is Hanna, Lilly calls herself Lola Loftnagle, Lola Lafonda or Lola LaBamba. According to each case, she wears a different wig: purple, red or light blue, respectively –although she wears an orange one sometimes–.

Oliver Oken (played by Mitchel Musso): Miley’s best boy friend. He is a good, nice boy. At first he was in love with Hanna Montana –until he discovers who she is in reality.

Jackson Stewart (played by Jason Earles): Miley’s brother. He is always infatuated with some different girl. He works in Rico’s store.

Robbie Ray Steward (played by Billy Ray Cyrus): Miley and Jackson’s father. Apart from being Hanna’s manager, he also writes her songs. But, above all, he is a great dad who’s always there for his children, even when he is a little strict sometimes.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

This comedy was released in 2005 and has been a huge success ever since. It is about Zack and Cody, two 13-year-old identical twins who live with their mother in a suite in the Tipton Hotel in Boston, since their mother works as a singer there. The two twins get into mischief all the time, involving guests and members of the personnel in funny situations. The poor hotel’s manager can do nothing except put up with Zack and Cody’s misbehavior.

Main characters:

Zack Martin (played by Dylan Sprouse): Zack is the elder of the two twins –he was born a few minutes before Cody; and the naughtier, too –he’s always in trouble, but he seems to be good at finding a way out of difficulties. He prefers sports rather than study: he plays football and basketball, and he also likes skating. Besides, he is a fan of the baseball team Red Sox, rival of the Yankees. He likes dancing, playing the guitar and the harmonica, and he’d like to become a secret agent, or maybe a professional driver. He is crazy about Maddie, the girl who sells sweets and chocolates in the hotel and, in addition, happens to be his babysitter.

Cody Martin (played by Cole Sprouse): unlike Zack, Cody is a good student. What’s more, he even helps his twin do his homework. He likes math, and he wants to be a teacher someday, but also a judge, and a hockey player. As to hobbies, he likes cooking, dancing, and mimicking. Like his brother, he is a fan of the Red Sox.

Madeline “Maddie” Fitzpatrick (played by Ashley Tisdale): she is the Tipton Hotel snack counter girl and Zack and Cody’s babysitter. She always helps them get out of trouble. She is intelligent, and she cares about ecology. Zack is madly in love with her. She lives with her parents and her brother Liam, and she goes to the same school as London Tipton –the daughter of the owner of the hotel–, with whom she’s continuously fighting, although they always make up in the end.

Raven Lydia BaxterLondon Tipton (played by Brenda Song): both her name and her surname are a parody of those of Paris Hilton: London instead of Paris; Tip instead of Hil(l). As opposed to Maddie, she is materialistic, ambitious, arrogant and not very intelligent indeed.

Carey Martin (played by Kim Rhodes): Zack and Cody’s mother. She is divorced, and she is the lead singer at the Tipton Hotel’s ballroom. That’s why she and her children –whom she loves deeply– live in a suite there. Arwin Quentin Hawkheiser is her secret admirer.

Marion Moseby (played by Phil Lewis): being the Tipton Hotel’s manager, he is in charge of the owner’s daughter, London. In addition, he has to keep Zack and Cody in line.

Lizzie McGuire

Although it is being rebroadcast nowadays, this extremely famous series was originally broadcast from 2001 to 2004, with a total of 65 episodes –the maximum pre-established by the channel–. “Lizzie McGuire” tells the story of Lizzie and her friends, Miranda and Gordo, who are trying to make it through adolescence. Lizzie and Gordo appeal to each other, but they decide to preserve their friendship. On the other hand, Lizzie has to deal with her ex-friend Kate, who is very popular and can be a real pain. But there’s also a background story, namely that of Lizzie’s brother, Matt, and his friends Lanny and Melina.

Main characters:

Elizabeth Brooke “Lizzie” McGuire (played by Hillary Duff): this fashion fan 13-year-old girl is just trying to get over her middle school years, and this, in fact, is what her story is about: adolescence, love, friends, enemies… She is in love with Ethan , the most popular boy at school.

Animated Lizzie (voice by Hillary Duff): it is a cartoon of real Lizzie that speaks what’s going on inside her head. It adds an innovative touch to the series.

David Zephyr “Gordo” Gordon (played by Adam Lamberg): Lizzie’s best boy friend. They’ve known each other since childhood –that’s why they are so close. He is very clever, and also a very good student. He is good at giving advice, and he has a particular sense of humor. When he grows up, he wants to be a movie director.

Miranda Isabella Sanchez (played by Lalaine): Lizzie’s best girl friend. Like her, she is a fashion fan too. Even though she is a little rebellious, Lizzie always helps her pull herself together.

Matt McGuire (played by Jake Thomas): Lizzie’s younger brother. This 10-year-old boy gets tons of fun from annoying his sister. He has two best friends: Lanny and Melina.

Kate Sanders (played by Ashlie Brillault): she and Lizzie used to be friends, but then they broke up and became rivals. Kate is the most popular girl at school, and she’s always bothering Lizzie, who, in any case, knows how to deal with her.

Jo McGuire (played by Hallie Todd): Lizzie and Matt’s mother. She wants to help her daughter through the dangers of growing up, but sometimes she just puts her foot in it.

Sam McGuire (played by Robert Carradine): Lizzie and Matt’s father. He is a nice, pleasing man who wants the best for his children. He has this strange feeling that there are gnomes in the garden.

Ethan Craft (played by Clayton Zinder): this good, nice boy is hugely popular at school, and all the girls –even Lizzie– are mad about him.

Phil of the Future

Released in 2004 and canceled in 2006 –don’t worry, you can watch a rebroadcast these days–, “Phil of the Future” consisted of 43 episodes. It’s the story of 15-year-old Phil Diffy and his family, who live in the year 2121. One day, while on vacation, they hire an imperfect time machine and eventually appear in the year 2004. So Bill, his sister Pim, and their parents Barbara and Lloyd, must get used to living in the 21st century, and hide their real identities. Meanwhile, they will try to fix the time machine. Keely Teslow, Phil’s new best friend, is the only one who knows the truth. Both are in love with each other.

Life with Derek

Released in 2005, “Life with Derek” is the story of two stepchildren, Casey and Derek, who fight with each other all the time out of having to live in the same house. Venturi (Derek, Marti and Edwin’s father) is divorced, but he decides to remarry. So he marries Nora MacDonald (Casey and Lizzie’s mother). From now on, they all share the same house, which is certainly a mess. The plot is based on the conflictive relation between Casey, an independent, spirited and rather obsessive girl, and her stepbrother Derek, who tries –without success– to rule her. It is the fact that they are so different that makes their quarrels so hilarious.